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Welcome from the Founder

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Dear Health Seeker,
My name is Walt Goodridge. The Pacific Island Food Coop on Saipan is a member-owned and operated, food cooperative which seeks to obtain real food (what others call health food) at cost prices. We seek non-Genetically modified (Non-GMO), preservative-free, sugar-free, wheat-free, MSG-free, gluten-free, pesticide-free, meat-free, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, organic food, as well as bio-degradable, cruelty-free, recyclable household products from individuals and companies who care about our planet and who share a unique view of real health.
share the growing view that real health and wellness doesn't come in the form of factory-made, genetically altered things in boxes or cans, or from pills with multiple side-effects but from a return to what's natural, and if you have certain natural products you'd like to order, then please join with us!
--Walt F.J. Goodridge
The Jamaican on Saipan!
Feel free to email me any comments or suggestions while the site is being revamped.

Where is Saipan?

map of Saipan Located in the western pacific, a short flight from Guam and 3 hours from Japan, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is a popular tourist destination rich in history, culture and natural resources. Saipan, just 5 miles wide by 12 miles long, is the largest and most populated of the 14 islands making up an archipelago that stretches 400 miles (north to south) along the edge of the Marianas Trench.

You may also Email me with your questions
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You may also Email me with your questions
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